TV mounts vary a lot so here are a few features and tips you find in every type of mount.

So make sure you know which is the best option for you before installing your TV.

Flat TV Wall Mounts

Flat TV mounts are great when trying to reach a simple but aesthetic look for your room.

With a flat wall mount, you simply hang the TV against the wall, like hanging a mirror or picture.

These mounts do not tilt or rotate which means they are great for open spaces where regular adjustments are not needed.

Flat mounts are easy to install if you have the right tools.

Some Features:

  • Known as flat, regular or fixed mounts
  • No rotation, no tilting
  • Easy to find, easy to install

Great for simple looks (cables inside the wall recommended, if possible)

Tilting TV Mounts

With the capability to tilt these mounts can move to find the right angle.

Once the TV has been installed on the wall.

Most importantly, tilting mounts look just like the flat mounts but with the benefit to tilt.

They present the same features a flat-mount has.

This means glare on your TV won’t be a problem with these mounts, perfect for illuminated rooms.

Some features:

  • Avoid glare
  • Slim Look
  • Great for higher than the eye level
  • 12-20 tilting degrees
  • Easy to find

Easy to install (Cables inside the wall recommended)

Full Motion TV Mounts

These Mounts offer a level for flexibility.

Allowing you some great abilities like tilt, retract and swivel for total adjustment.

With this mount, you are not limited to set your TV on a specific location.

Trying to avoid glare or finding the right angle.

In other words, you can do both once the TV has been installed.

Great for areas where constant adjustment is required.

Some features:

  • Tilt, swivel, retract capabilities
  • 12-20 tilting degrees
  • 20-60 left to right rotation degrees

To sum up, these are suitable for greater areas where adjustment is constant.

Ceiling Mounts

These mounts become the best option when hanging a TV to the wall is not possible or suitable.

These mounts rotate and tilt to reach several viewing angles.

Great for rooms where space is required like offices and waiting rooms to maximize the space area.

Some features:

  • Installation is always higher than the eye level
  • Mounts to the ceiling providing extra space
  • Rotation and Tilting capabilities
  • Professional installation always required

In short, these mounts are great for commercial areas

Under Cabinet Mounts

These mounts allow you to set a small TV in areas where space is limited, like kitchen, RV’s, boats or security rooms.

Tilt and rotate capabilities viewing angle will not be a problem.

Some Features:

  • Great for small areas
  • Small TV’s required
  • Rotate and tilt capabilities
  • TV inside cabinet

In conclusion, professional installation required.